Store Management routines

Retail store operations concern all activities that keep a store functioning according to the standards each day. Operations include customer service, shelf replenishment, ordering, stock management, promotions, HACCP just to mention a few of the tasks that store associates have to undertake on a daily basis.

Store management routines are considered to be a project management process that provides information concerning who, what and how tasks are being implemented.


Apricot Consulting can develop store management routines for retailers covering the following areas:

  • Store administration and management of the store’s premises
  • Managing Inventory and display
  • Managing receipts
  • Customer service
  • Marketing and merchandising

The questions that we should answer through this process are:

  1. Who: who is involved in each task?
  2. Why: why a task should be implemented?
  3. What: what exactly we should do for accomplishing the task?
  4. Which way: what needs to be done?
  5. Resources: what resources are involved or required?
  6. When: what are the pertinent timescales?