Do you want to discover the elements of a marketing mix to affect positive change in shopper behaviour and drive consumption of your brands?

Then take a deep look at how your target consumers behave when shopping in order to

  • Understand shopper’s behaviour at the point of purchase
  • Know which flow shoppers follow in the aisle or a specific category
  • Be aware of what is attracting consumer’s eye while in-store
  • Realize which areas are the best to promote your brands
  • Identify how P.O.S. is working from the shopper’s standpoint
  • Have information if your brands are been seen from shoppers and whether that is creating any interest for purchase
  • Understand why shoppers ignore your brands in favor of your competitors
  • Know why shoppers interact with soft drinks but don’t purchase from the category
  • Realize if shoppers distinguish your brands on the shelves
  • Identify if promotion material like gondola ends is working or missed by shoppers

If you need this information in order to develop an effective marketing strategy, then you shouldn’t miss the Eyetracking research that Apricot Consulting Ltd is offering to FMCGs and Retailers as well.

During the research we can assess one or more categories and subcategories like

  • Soft drinks
  • Beverages
  • Energy drinks
  • Ciders
  • Bottled water
  • Fruit juices

For further info as far as the research process and costs please contact us at  , or + 44 75 788 05924 and +30 6977 223661