Services to Manufacturers/Distributors of FMCGs

In industries as diverse as Retail, the balance of power between Manufacturers and Retailers is shifting. In almost all western economies a handful of retailers dominate the market and they hold the upperhand. Even if retailers seem to win, manufacturers can benefit by understanding what type of business model a retailer emphasizes, tailoring their approaches accordingly and focusing on the added value that their brands deliver to shoppers and retailers as well.

Apricot Consulting Ltd has a portfolio of services that can strengthen manufacturer’s proposition to Retailers and Consumers.

The services that we provide to manufacturers include:

  1. Talent Development
  2. Shopper Marketing
  3. Joint Business Planning

1. Talent Development

What we do

We work together with our FMCG clients to understand their current and future requirements as far as learning and development in all areas with emphasis on Commercial skills. Our promise is that we will design and deliver bespoke training interventions that would have a real business impact and keep them ahead of competition.

Some of the topics that we can deliver are:

  • Category Management
  • Effective Negotiations
  • Sales Engineering
  • Key Account Planning

Our UVP is that we not only deliver classroom training but rather having a blended learning approach that allows practicing of new skills at an environment that has strong resemblance to the one delegates operate on a daily basis. To do so we use Business Simulation games in partnership with the experts in the field Go Simulate (

2. Shopper Marketing

What we do

Our team work together with FMCG’s marketers and analysts as well as Retailer’s Category and Merchandising managers to

  • Define consumption priorities
  • Define target shoppers
  • Prioritize channels
  • Develop the marketing mix
  • Develop an action plan

Whether we are speaking about packaging of A brands or PL’s, new product development, understanding of what triggers shopper’s behavior, the effectiveness of promotion at stores or websites then Apricot Consulting Ltd in partnership with KL Eyetracking (  we can evaluate the entire shopper experience.

3. Joint Business Planning

What we do

At national level in many countries a large share of the grocery market is in the hands of only a handful of retailers. One of the consequences of this concentration is a growing imbalance of bargaining power within food supply chains. However, retailers and FMCGs have many of the same objectives – increased sales, cost reduction, optimization of processes and systems and above all to keep consumer’s satisfied.

At Apricot Consulting we believe that jointed business planning is the focal point for value creation for both sides. Thus, our methodology assists CPGs to strategically organize their sales plans for their Key Accounts and also enhances collaboration between the two sides for achieving their business goals.


4. Going to new markets

Regardless of size, FMCG companies have to deal with an increasing complexity when they must decide on the go to market strategy especially if it about entering a completely new market. There are a number of considerations that companies must take into account but the pivotal role belongs to the sales and distribution model.

The go to market strategy must fulfil the four qualities:

  • Have a strong customer focus
  • Is aligned to the company’s strategic goals and value offering and supported by its operational
  • Balance Customer needs, revenue growth and cost to serve the market
  • Be flexible in order to adjust to changes that occur in a highly competitive environment like the one that FMCGs operate

What we do

While analysing and designing go to market strategies can be very rewarding, it is a quite complex task.

At Apricot together with our partners Retail Management Consultants, we provide a consistent and comprehensive approach towards getting to new markets.

Our approach is

  • Market driven
  • Coherent
  • Balanced
  • Flexible

In order to adapt to the needs of almost all FMCGs.