“To make no mistakes is not in the power of man; but from their errors and mistakes the wise and good learn wisdom for the future.”

Experiential learning with Business Simulation games

Adults learn best through active participation and reflection, according to Kolb and Fry two of the leaders in adult learning. In a sense, experiential learning is learning by doing and learners reflect, learn from and take new action based on experience.

Thus, at experiential learning:

  • The learner has concrete experience with the content being taught
  • The learner reflects on the experience by comparing it to prior experiences
  • Based on experience and reflection, the learner develops new ideas about the content being taught
  • The learner applies their ideas and new skills at a low cost environment

What we can do

At Apricot together with our partners Go Simulate and IDS, we have developed almost real life business environments in order to enhance training effectiveness.

We have in our portfolio specialized business simulation games offering an end to end solution towards adult learning.  Our target is to equip delegates with skills and expertise that are applicable in their jobs. To do so, delegates are receiving real life scenarios and have to work in teams and take decisions that would have an impact as it happens in real life.

Samples of Business Simulation games

Details concerning the Business games we use at our courses can be found at and