Agri-food exports have reached € 120 billion in 2013, the EU became the number one exporter of agricultural and food products. The EU export was achieved despite the modest growth in the global trade and was stimulated by demand for particular commodities in the developing countries. Undoubtedly, the key import players in agricultural trade remain apart from the EU, the USA, China, Japan, Russia and Canada accounting more than €240 billion in 2013.
Taking into account these facts it is needless to say the benefits that exporting brings for producers of agricultural products. Amongst them, the most important are:

•    Exploit opportunities in new markets
•    Achieve steady sales even in recession periods
•    Risk diversification
•    Increases income
•    Offer alternative distribution sales

We offer the following services to producers:

•    Research of foreign markets
•    Choose overseas distributors
•    Exhibiting producer’s products at trade shows
•    Preparing advertising and sales material
•    Advising on overseas patent and trademark requirements
•    Establish relationships with buyers in foreign markets