Aviation security

In a world without rules, laws and regulations, citizens would not have any guidelines to accepted behaviour. The luck of rules would have a negative impact in almost all aspects of social life including traveling.

In aviation there are certain and specific rules that every individual must follow to ensure safety and minimize the possibility of unforeseen events to occur. Therefore, it is crucial to have high quality training in order to comply with the regulations and legislation but also to assess on a permanent basis possible threats and mitigate all risks related to them.

According to IATA, ‘the aviation industry is going to face significant challenges in the next few years and change can be sudden and overwhelming or gradual and unnoticed, but in either case the result can be hard to manage and sometimes fatal for organizations not actively preparing for it’

What we do

At Apricot we assist firms that operate in the aviation industry prepare for what is might happen in the future. To do so, we collaborate with Renful Premier Technologies (https://www.renful.co.uk/) and Intelligence Driven Security (https://www.ids-opt.com/), among the most distinguished experts in the Aviation Security industry across the globe, to offer off the shelf solutions that ‘prevent the first time an organization will deal with a contingency will be in real life’.

Areas of expertise for our team include:

  • Security X tray training, testing and Management
  • Training on Aviation security (e.g. crisis management, aviation security)
  • Specialized Aviation security simulation games
  • Risk Assessment and management
  • Security Management system (SeMS)
  • Security system design