About us

Apricot Consulting was setup in 2015 to share the significant experience that its founder had in HR & Training in the Retail sector. Nowadays, Apricot is a firm that is based around individuals with great depth of experience and notable successes in their fields.

We have roots in designing and delivering training courses as well as consulting services that have been proven to increase firms’ and individuals’ effectiveness and performance. Our main principal from the early stages is that Apricot’s services must deliver results that would not have been achieved within the prospect by itself.

Apricot is a niche consulting firm specializing in Commercial skills training. Besides, in collaboration with KL Eyetracking we undertake research projects for distinguishing consumer’s behaviour at the point of Purchase. Last but not least, we also provide services like Standardization of Operation Procedures, Assessment of Commercial  & Soft skills, Integration of Consumer –Shopper & Retail strategy etc.

Our team has significant experience in the FMCG and Retail sectors having worked with multinationals and local firms in Greece, Cyprus and in the UK.

Spiros Kourkoulos short bio with linkedin and mail (kourkoulos@apricot-consulting.com)



  • We are committed to provide quality in everything we do
  • We are honest and fair to our customers and partners
  • We communicate openly with all stakeholders
  • We always deliver what it is promised